About American Lament

Welcome to American Lament, a reasonably regularly updated accounting of thoughts concerning the very, very best in ideas, culture, and cleavage jokes.

The columns within are one part creative energy and one part boredom, and about eight parts plagiarising all of the modern humor columns for the past twenty years. Squint very, very hard and you may see an original idea seep through. Though I doubt it.

American Lament is currently based out of the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan statistical area. Some of the ideas held within are reflective of this rather narrowly defined world-view. Please adjust your perspective of me accordingly.

American Lament will resist as long as possible writing columns about board games and arena football. Though we’ll see.

If you desire, communication with the owner of this blog can be sent to: editor@americanlament.com

2 Responses to About American Lament

  1. terry l. ebert says:

    I AM Dotti. U are right that I never served in the Israeli army. Why would a gorgeous redheaded American do THAT? Dotti is and was real. I was 25 when the column first appeared and I am better looking, richer, and funnier. That was NOT my body. Eddie did a terrible job on that. Mine is far superior.

  2. Chris Bluth says:

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